Premium Quality Car Batteries in Camden, Narellan & Harrington Park

We are one of the most trusted and reputable automotive battery suppliers and installers in Sydney. A battery is considered an important part of a vehicle as it provides energy for starting the engine. The role of the battery doesn’t end here as it also supplies power to the auto electrical components and accessories, such as power doors and windows, lights, audio & video systems and more.

We have an extensive range of premium quality batteries for all types and sizes of cars. Along with car batteries, we also sell and fit batteries for 4WD vehicles, campers and caravans at highly competitive prices.

  • We select the right battery for your vehicle as per its make, model, age & condition.
  • We remove the old battery and install the new battery properly in your vehicle.
  • We give you the tips for keeping your battery in tip-top shape for many years.
  • We provide a long-term warranty on the batteries supplied by us.

We check the battery of your vehicle to determine if it needs to be replaced or not. If replacement is required, we make sure to take into account the manufacturer’s specifications for selecting the new battery.

Proper installation is necessary for making the automotive battery last longer, and hence, whenever you require services for installation of dual battery systems or replacement of car batteries in Narellan, Oran Park, Harrington Park, Camden or any other nearby area, come to G & C Auto Electrics, as our technicians are trained in testing and fitting the battery.

In order to avoid situations wherein you can get stranded on the road with a flat battery, you must take good care of the battery of your vehicle and get it tested at periodic intervals. Our technicians test and replace the battery by utilising the correct equipment and techniques. We offer fast and excellent service for inspection, replacement and maintenance of car batteries throughout Sydney.

Battery Sales & Replacements