State-of-the-Art Dual Battery Systems in Camden & Harrington Park

A caravanning or camping trip is incomplete without appliances, gadgets and accessories, such as refrigerator, television, sound system, laptop and electric winch. But, running the appliances and gadgets in your four wheel drive (4WD) vehicle, caravan and camper trailers requires power. Utilising the main battery as a source of power can drain it completely, thereby rendering you helpless when you have to start the engine while returning from the trip.

Therefore, a dual battery system is fitted in the vehicle, as it consists of an auxiliary battery, which acts as a source of power for running various appliances. With a dual battery system, you can avoid the risk of battery failure. We supply and install dual battery systems in Narellan, Oran Park, Camden, Harrington Park, and nearby areas. Our skilled technicians can suggest the battery appropriate for your vehicle and carry out the dual battery setup perfectly.

  • We stock a vast array of dual battery kits for 4WD & recreational vehicles.
  • We keep dual battery systems manufactured to suit Australian conditions.
  • We test the dual battery system after completing the installation.
  • We deliver quick turnaround time and unparalleled customer service.

Whether you need a refrigerator to store your food or a sound system to enjoy music, a dual battery kit can allow you to use all the portable appliances and accessories you want for making your trip memorable. We offer safe, efficient and long-lasting dual battery systems so that you never face the situation of getting stranded on the road.

By choosing G & C Auto Electrics for your needs of dual battery systems in Sydney, you can feel confident about receiving top-quality and warranted products at fair prices. Our aim is to give outdoor enthusiasts peace of mind by ensuring that they are happy with the performance of the dual battery kit fitted in their vehicle.

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