First-class Service for Electric Brakes in Oran Park, Narellan & Camden

According to the towing regulations in Australia, the trailers that weight more than 750 kg must be fitted with the efficient braking system. In today’s time, most of the trailers have electric brakes, as they make the towing procedure safe with the help of an electric brake controller. Electric braking systems are also fitted in the caravans, campers and other recreational vehicles.

Whether you have a trailer which is used for commercial applications or a caravan which is used for road trips, we can cater to all your needs for the installation, repairs and servicing of the electric braking systems. G & C Auto Electrics is known as the best automotive repair and service centre for electric brakes in Harrington Park, Camden, Narellan, Oran Park, and neighbouring regions. 

How do Electric Brakes work?

The electric brakes fitted in the trailer, caravan or any other vehicle which is required to be towed play a major role in keeping both tow truck and trailer safe during the towing process. The electric brakes are regulated by an electric brake controller which is installed in the tow vehicle. This brake controller or control unit is connected to the trailer via wires.

When the brake pedal is applied in a tow vehicle, the electric brake controller supplies power to the magnet, which in turn sends the signal to the trailer electric brakes about the braking force required to stop the trailer. Thus, the electric brakes make the braking operation smooth and efficient. But, you must install a suitable electric brake controller in your vehicle.

Visit our workshop for Trailer Electric Brakes in Sydney

  • We can replace the hydraulic braking system with the electric braking system.
  • We can choose the electric brakes that suit your trailer and fit them correctly.
  • We can check and repair the components of your electric braking system.
  • We can provide you with sound advice for the electric brake controller.

Our technicians can troubleshoot and fix the problems related to the electric brakes of your trailer. We provide first-class services at reasonable prices.

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