Top-Notch Services for Electric Window Repairs in Narellan & Oran Park

Electric windows or power windows increase the comfort of the driver as well as the passengers of a vehicle. But just like many other auto electrical accessories, they can also become defective over time. At our automotive maintenance shop, we repair and replace the auto-electrical parts which help in the functioning of power windows. We can meet the requirements regarding power windows for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

G & C Auto Electrics is popular for providing remarkable services for electric window repairs in Camden, Harrington Park, Narellan, Oran Park, and surrounding areas of Sydney. We carry genuine as well as aftermarket electric window replacement parts for several types of vehicles, including cars, SUVs and campervans.

How are Electric Windows operated?

Unlike manual windows, electric windows don’t need to be raised or lowered by turning a hand crack, as these are operated through a switch which is connected to the complicated system of motor, regulator and wires. Whenever a switch is pressed, the power is supplied to the electric window motor, which in turn rolls the window up and down. 

How do we work for Electric Window Repairs? 

  • We can fix faulty motor, regulator and switch after conducting a careful inspection of the power window system of your vehicle.
  • If replacement seems the only option for making your power windows functioning normally again, we will use the suitable parts and complete the job with precision. 

We can even clean and replace power window controllers and relays, and resolve wiring problems as well. Our technicians undergo continuous training to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field. 

Get your vehicle tested if you observe these symptoms: 

  • A window does not open properly
  • A window does not close properly
  • A window works slower than usual
  • A window works faster than usual
  • One of the windows stop working
  • All the windows stop working

The clicking, squealing and grinding sounds are also the symptoms of problems in the automotive electric window system. Malfunctioning windows make the rides uncomfortable, and so, you should never delay when it comes to electric window repairs.

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