High-quality Reverse Camera Systems in Harrington Park & Narellan

The number of accidents that happen while reversing a vehicle is quite alarming, and hence, to enhance the safety of the passengers as well as pedestrians, reverse camera systems were introduced. A reverse camera kit comprises a camera and a monitor. The camera is mounted at the rear of a vehicle, and the monitor is installed at a suitable location inside the cabin.

Owners of the private, commercial, fleet as well as recreational vehicles consider G & C Auto Electrics as the dependable centre for fitting reverse or reversing cameras. We even install reverse parking sensors in cars, vans, utes, 4WD vehicles, campervans, caravans and motorhomes. We offer the best aftermarket parking sensors and reverse camera systems in Camden, Harrington Park, Oran Park, Narellan and surrounding regions.

  • We offer outstanding products and service.
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Determining the locations for mounting the camera and monitor plays a significant role in making the reverse or backup camera system effective. Therefore, our technicians select the locations diligently and complete the installation process smoothly.

How do Reverse Parking Systems work? 

Both reverse camera and sensors get activated when the driver selects the reverse gear. A reversing camera gives a clear view of the objects behind the vehicle by showing them on the monitor. Reverse parking sensors have an alarm which warns the driver of nearby objects. Thus, reverse parking systems make reversing the vehicle safe and prevent the accidents.

We understand that not every customer has knowledge of reverse cameras and sensors, and so, we are always ready to help you whenever you experience any trouble with the products supplied by us. We can troubleshoot the malfunctioning reverse parking cameras and sensors. Do not hesitate to approach us for your needs of reverse camera systems and parking sensors in Sydney.

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