Camden’s Skillful Starter Motor & Alternators Service Provider

At G & C Auto Electrics, we can deal with the majority of Starter Motor and Alternator problems on past and current vehicles. We can test your Starter Motor and give you the benefit of our experience. We recondition and repair most Starter Motors and Alternator within our workshops.

We provide the following services:

  • Test, on your vehicle, your Starter Motors or Alternators overall performance

  • Diagnose Starter Motor / Alternator faults

  • Remove and refit your Starter Motor

  • Provide repair options and fit your vehicle

  • Provide a Reconditioned Starter Motor / Alternator and fit your vehicle

  • Able Auto Electrics are Experts in reconditioning and repairs

  • We stock many units to suit local and imported vehicles and all come with our 12-months guarantee.

Starter Motors